Effiloché Fabric Shop Montreal

August 1, 2013

I’m a sucker for any craft shop that caters to more than one activity (read addiction). Sewing and cross stitch, pottery and knitting, knitting and tea drinking, that sort of thing. While in Montreal recently I stumbled across this gem, Effiloché. They carry an overwhelming assortment of fabric, sewing supplies, knitting supplies, crochet supplies, patterns and wool – and it’s good. Save for a few quality shops (Holla, Workroom) i’ve always found Toronto’s fabric selection, or I guess Canada’s on the whole, a bit disappointing. So it’s always exciting to discover one of those places that makes you say “Ahh, so gooood!” under your breath repeatedly when you walk in.

I focused mainly on the fabric at Effiloché (the wool selection is alive and well in Toronto) and loved the variety of brands they carried including Liberty of London, Ty Pennington, Michael Miller, and Moda. All the ladies there were incredibly sweet and didn’t judge me in the slightest for my hack français or leaving twice to extend my parking meter (ya, I was there for that long). They’ve also got a collection of couches in the middle of the store for knitting circles and tables in the back for sewing lessons.

I always feel awkward taking photos in store so you’ll have to excuse the grainy iPhone snaps that aren’t doing the place any justice. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood you’ll have to give it a browse for yourself. I walked out with two Ty Pennington home dec fabrics, a Michael Miller laminate, some gorgeous Liberty of London cotton and a lighter wallet.

Even though the Ty Pennington fabric is home dec weight, i’m going to be a rebel and make a skirt out of the orange and grey one, then I keep seeing the grey and white one as awesome lining for a leather purse. I’m not going to lie i’m not head over heels for the polka dot Michael Miller laminate yet, but this fabric is amazing and impossible to find (at least cheaply) in Toronto so I had to buy some. I’m thinking new travel cosmetic cases. Lastly there’s the lovely Liberty of London cotton, which to be honest was just a basic that ‘needed’ to be added to my stash. You know, for emergencies.

Makers Disclaimer: Go here either knowing exactly which projects you need to shop for, or come with a set budget and self control. Credit cards = danger.

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