Textile Design: Salvador Dalí & Ray Eames

August 15, 2013
Spring Rain by Salvador Dalí for Schiffer Prints, 1949.

I’m a Salvador Dalí fan. Grade 9 art class got a whole lot more interesting the day I was introduced to his iconic The Persistence of Memory (1931) painting. Given my love of textiles, recently discovering he also created designs for fabrics is just ‘holy-wow-give-me-all-of-it’ exciting. Imagine owning a Dalí printed scarf?!

After the war Schiffer Prints needed to modernize it’s image, so they commission six designers, architects and painters to design fabrics for them. The Stimulus Collection was released in 1949 and called ‘Unquestionably the most brilliant single collection of all modern prints introduced since the war.’ I’m certainly on board, my favourites being the Salvador Dalí and Ray Eames prints.

Crosspatch by Ray Eames for Schiffer Prints, 1949.
Sea Things by Ray Eames for Schiffer Prints, 1949.

Schiffer Prints weren’t the only ones doing artist collaborations, Fuller Fabrics also released a series in 1955 featuring designs by Picasso and Chagall. Art by the yard for the masses, it was called. These textiles brought high end art to a demographic that otherwise couldn’t afford it. Much like a Van Gogh paint by number would have.

I’m patiently awaiting my next paycheque so I can check this book out of my Amazon cart and discover more awesome prints.

Artists Textiles

Lastly, if you’re looking for a good documentary try Eames: the Architect and the Painter. Pretty fascinating to see their creative processes and what life was like for Ray Eames around the times she would have designed these prints.

Flume Kulkid Remix by Bon Iver  headphones

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