Handmade Patchwork Coat

July 25, 2013

Meet Hannah, my great-grandmother. Here she is (center in the enviable specs) with my mum (left) and my nana (right). Like many women of her generation, she was always in the midst of something, always creating, whether it be in the garden, the kitchen or living room. A maker in the truest sense of the word.

Although I never got to meet her myself, I’ve got stories that are crisp enough to be my own memories and a few things she made to hold on to. This is a patchwork coat (or technicolour dreamcoat?!) she hand stitched together out of old mens ties and other scraps, to show and practice different stitches. I love the variety of stitches, some intricate, some quite simple, yet each one unique. It now hangs in the back of my closet where I catch a glimpse of it everyday, a colourful pop of the past that keeps me inspired.


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