Tracing Threads

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Well, I’ve finally taken the time to start a blog (I deemed the internet wasn’t riddled with enough of them). It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, likely for the same reasons most people start blogging, I wanted a place to share and explore my passion.

That passion, I’ve discovered, is making by hand. If I could, I’d spend my days learning and developing different crafts – sewing, knitting, jewellery making, spinning, weaving, lace making, you name it. I guess it comes from being surrounded by hand crafts all my life (thanks, family).

More recently, I’ve stumbled upon things like my great grandmothers tatting supplies, my nana’s copper tooling kit and my mums loom that have all been kept in case someone down the line showed interest. It’s incredible how much effort and skill goes into these crafts, and such a shame we’re now so far removed from those creative processes. So here’s a space I’ve dedicated to exploring all that and sharing my experiences.

Being a member of the after school crochet club didn’t exactly win me any points in elementary school, and I was always frustrated that any the knit/crochet patterns I found were very “Hey look! My grandma knits my clothes!” so it’s amazing to see all the wonderful resources available now for the more modern maker. Hoarding cats and having a seniors discount card –  not prerequisites ;).

The name Tracing Threads is sort of a nod to the appreciation of how things are created. I’m not fully sure how to explain it, but it has meaning to me. That’s all that matters, right?

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