Textured Circle Scarf

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Here we have the result of a transatlantic flight – a lot of repetitive stitches in a circle. The kind of therapeutic (or mind-numbing) knitting a doctor might prescribe to relieve stress. It’s just alternating squares of stockinette stitch to create a lovely texture, wrapping around three times to keep you nice and cozy.

I used a pretty plain worsted weight yarn for this (aka what was in the bottom of my knitting bag), but it’s great for beginners because you can see your stitches. I can totally see this being knit in a chunky or wispy yarn though, maybe in a few different colours – go crazy!

Apologies this isn’t the most detailed of tutorials, I made it a while ago so I don’t remember exactly what I used, but this should be enough to run with for anyone interested in recreating the look.

Materials Used

  • 3 skeins worsted/medium weight yarn
  • Size 5 needles (Use whichever size needle gives you the best tension for you yarn, this is just roughly what I used!)
  • Yarn needle

Finished Measurements

  • 10.5″ wide by 80″ around (this wraps around 3 times)

How To

Pattern A
Row 1: knit 14, purl 14, knit 14
Row 2: purl 14, knit 14, purl 14

Pattern B
Row 1: purl 14, knit 14, purl 14
Row 2: knit 14, purl 14, knit 14

  1. Cast on 42 stitches.
  2. Knit Pattern A for rows 1-18. You should start to see the ‘squares’ of different texture form right away (see picture below, yes I know it’s in a different colour wool – sorry!) This is two rows into the pattern.
  3. Continue in Pattern B for rows 19-36. You should now have 6 different ‘squares’ (well, more like rectangles) knit.
  4. Continue alternating Pattern A and Pattern B every 18 rows, until the scarf measures your desired length (mine is 80 inches). Make sure you’ve done an even number of Pattern A and Pattern B sections, so that the square pattern is continuous when you join your scarf. The alternating ‘squares’ should come together to give this effect (see picture below). If you’d like to make your squares/rectangles smaller or larger, adjust the number of rows knit in each pattern. If you want more even squares, try only knitting Pattern A for 14 rows before switching to Pattern B. 
  5. When you’re happy with the length of the scarf, join together using a yarn needle and method of your choice – I like mattress stitch. And then you’re done! Your very own circle scarf.


  1. Thank you for the pattern! I’m a beginner knitter. Yours turned out a lot nicer than mine did! Perhaps it’s because I used lighter-weight yarn (Red Heart buff fleck, worsted weight), than you appeared to have used in your scarf in the photo. Also, I made squares instead of rectangles (14 rows instead of 18). I found the edges looked ‘ragged’ and didn’t lay nicely when worn; so, I single crocheted around the entire scarf. That helped a little but still not a really nice-looking scarf. I’d like to try this again with a more chunkier yarn and 18 rows instead of the 14 – perhaps that would make it look nicer.

    1. Hey! I used a worsted weight yarn actually so that should be okay.. but if you have a chunkier yarn maybe do a swatch with that and see if you like it better. I’m sorry it’s not turning out the way you want yet, that’s never a nice feeling 🙁 If you want to email me a picture of it I might be able to see what you mean and make a more helpful suggestion? kate@tracingthreads.com

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