Butterick B5613 Skirt

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Hey there Awkward, how you doing? Well, I finally completed my first garment from a pattern – hooray! When I started sewing in high school, I taught myself and was making my own patterns. Some might call this admirable, I call it a fast ticket to bad habits, lots of broken needles, and a skirt made entirely out of lining fabric. You know, the kind of nylon fabric that makes a swooshy sound as you walk (classy). Don’t even get me started on my attempts at zipper installation.Anyways, I took a class last summer where I learned (and relearned) all the basics. It’s funny to look back at some of my first skirts now and see all the whacky things I tried when assembling them. Also, it’s amazing what pressing as you go and learning to control tension can do for your sewing ;). Due to some poor measuring (rookie tip: don’t wait until the last step to check if your skirt fits) I never finished it, and my sewing took a back seat to textbooks over the last year. I’m glad I picked it back up the other day and finally finished it – just in time for spring!

The pattern I used is Butterick B5613. I’d recommend it to other beginners as you’ll learn how to do gathers, pockets, install a waistband and a zipper. It’s nice that it has an optional sash too. I used a Liberty of London fabric which is an absolute dream to have wrapped around your body. Their fabric is amazingly soft and drapes so well (I didn’t need to line it) and this pattern has little buildings on it if you look closely. All in all, hefty price tag totally justified.

I decided to do a blind hem on my machine for this skirt, partly because I’d never tried one before and the presser foot looks so cool, and mostly because I’m too lazy to hem by hand. Overall, I’m happy with this pattern and how the skirt turned out. Most importantly I feel like I’ve got a much better grasp on the basics, and going forward my projects will be a lot more wearable than swooshy nylon (which I wore nonetheless, for two years…).

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