• My Mum’s Vintage 1950s Peter Rabbit Toy from England

    January 11, 2018 Kate

    Well will you look at this. My Mum’s very own stuffed Peter Rabbit toy from England, looking remarkably dapper given his age. Her English Grandparents mailed it to her in the early 1950s. The tag says it’s made by “Chiltern Hygienic Toys” (so glad they specified?!) and the inside actually looks like it may be…

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  • Vintage Find – Figgjo Norway Market China Set

    January 29, 2016 Kate

    So… I bought a china set? I was at the Dutch Bazaar this past fall visiting my Mum and Stepdad (they volunteer) and I got suckered in by the antiques section. I went on setup day just to say Hi and an hour later my Mum and I were smuggling a box of dishes, Delft china, and a wooden sock…

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