• Carl Larsson Cards

    December 13, 2016 Kate

    You know the stack of miscelaneous greeting cards all Mums have somewhere in their house? Ya. Turns out, you can find some pretty good stuff in there. Like these — picked up at The Swedish Christmas is Toronto many (20?) years ago. They’re prints of Carl Larsson paintings. He was a rather famous Swedish artist (1853-1919)…

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  • 1931 Children’s Book Illustrations

    August 6, 2014 Kate

    I love finding these books and story clippings that belonged to my Nana when she was young, the illustrations are so beautiful. It’s not the typical mid century (is that right?) illustrations that have become so popular again lately, they’re a little…softer? I’m not sure how to best articulate it, but I really, really like…

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  • Wonderland Book To Paint, A 1920s Vintage Colouring Book

    January 16, 2014 Kate

    Here’s a few pages out of a 1920s colouring book that belonged to my Nana. She was born in 1922 in Preeceville, Saskatchewan, and since her childhood is mostly a mystery to me I’m thankful someone saved this. I just think the illustrations are wonderful. I love the style, the whimsical variety of figures and objects,…

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