You know when you open your closet to look for an important item to complete an important task and instead discover some awesome materials and a must-complete-now project? Ya.

I don’t have any experience making jewelry, so these aren’t terribly well done or exciting, but they were fun to make and are a welcome addition to my daily selection. It’s also just nice to try something new, right?

I’ve roughly outlined my proccess below, and I hope anyone who’s found good tutorials for similar projects or jewelry blogs will leave a comment! I want to learn about this craft (particularly working with wire) and make some more interesting stuff in the future.



I bought this gold filled chain, clasp and wire from The Beadery, and the gold cones from BeadFX at the Knitters Frolic last year. Since I’m inexperienced and didn’t do any research before buying (Eeek) I really relied on the shop keepers to give honest advice when it came to selecting materials. It will be interesting to see how these materials wear, and if they are what I expected. For example I’m hoping the chain won’t wear through to the base metal or chip quickly since it’s gold filled.


I cut a piece of wire roughly twice the length of the cone, and used round nose pliers to curl one end so that it would not pull through the top of the cone.



I used round nose pliers to make a hook and then attached it through a loop on the chain. I made sure the cones were spaced evenly along the chain so they would hang it the same direction without twisting.


I made a loop by wrapping the wire around the pliers then secured it by wrapping around the base of the loop a few times, cutting off any excess wire. As you can see, I didn’t get all my loops the same size. Maybe that just takes practice? Or a different tool?



I’m definitely happy with the overall look and I achieved what I was going for. Since I nearly only wear delicate necklaces, I wanted something that was a bit more of a statement but still unique (I’m not a huge fan of all the typical bib and spiked necklaces). I wanted all the cones to lay flat so they would look attached from a distance, but because of the way they’re hung they move easily and sometimes stack on top of each other. I don’t mind, but if I were to do this necklace again I’d probably try a different approach.


I also made a quick bracelet from these old beads I found at my Mums. I have no clue what they’re made of, but I have been wearing this a lot (in the water too) and the beads have yet to show signs of wear, so that’s good!


I threaded beads of three different sizes onto a thin leather cord in random order, and finished it with a simple clasp I also bought from The Beadery. I made it long enough to wrap around twice because I thought it might look more interesting, especially layered with the charm bracelet I wear every day.



DIY Jewellery For Beginners
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  • lovely! such a nice, modern vibe to it.
    i used to make bead jewelry (i still have all the supplies in a box somewhere). my best tips are having good tools (wire cutters and pliers, primarily) and the right kind of wire for what you want to create. about creating equal loops, i think it boils down to practice. make sure you wrap the wire at the same distance from the tip of your round-nose pliers every time. maybe wrapping a small bit of tape around the tip of the pliers would help?

    • katesmalley

      Good advice – I just bought some new wire cutters which I’m hoping are better quality, and ya I need to learn how to select wire. I’ve crocheted with wire before and that was an interesting way to start learning the difference between different gauges. Good tip about the pliers, will be aware of that next time thank you!!