So who’s behind this thing, anyway?

That would be me, Kate Smalley. I’m a twenty-something maker, marketer, paraplanner, and freelancer living just outside of Toronto, Canada.

Between my creative pursuits (that I share on this blog) and my work in marketing and finance (which I write about over here), it can feel like I’m running in different directions.

For most of my life that’s made me incredibly insecure. I’ve always felt like I have to choose one thing to become good at. But now I’m learning that it’s OK to have many interests. That people can be into more than one thing and do more than one thing and still be successful, fulfilled humans.

What’s Tracing Threads?

Well, I’m still figuring that out. What started as a sporadically updated craft blog after finishing undergrad (where I had put my hands-on-creative-self aside to pursue business… because I thought those things were mutually exclusive[!?]) has turned into something much more for me.

It’s a place for me to explore my family’s creative history, to share my little photo ventures, my musings on creativity, and what I’m making. Basically, it’s a big fat exercise in creative expression. A place for me to explore the process.

Because: process > outcome.  





  • Louise C

    Hi Kate!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    Your blog is beautiful, looking forward to reading through your blog and getting to know you and for lots of inspiration and ideas! Love your work Kate!

    Louise xxx

  • Connie

    Love the blog so far- can’t wait to see more! I saw your eyelet knit top on Kollabora and followed the link. What was your major in college?

    • katesmalley

      Thank you so much!! I studied international business with a minor in econ, and did a one year international relations program on exchange. May I never have to write an essay again haha.

      • Connie

        What a coincidence- I’m an econ major! And next year I’m planning on studying abroad in South Korea for one semester.

      • katesmalley

        Wow! What an incredible experience that will be!! I’ve heard lots of good things about SK, Seoul in particular. Would love to go one day too.