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A Day of (Window) Shopping in Östermalm Stockholm

August 6, 2018

We landed in Stockholm at 9:30am and spent the day wandering around the Östermalm district.

It took us all of, ohhhh, 30 minutes to locate the Iittala store. Loved seeing pieces from the Iittala X Issey Miyake collab (those pleated pillows and napkins). We went into home stores, bookstores, and plenty of coffee shops (cardamom buns were practically a line item in my budget this trip I ate so many HAH).

Also! Those little plywood desk/houses? That’s an IKEA kitchen showroom in the city center. I haven’t seen one of these in North America before (there’s probably one in NYC?) but it’s just a bunch of display kitchens that you can walk through and space where you can meet with sales reps to design your own. I think those plywood houses would be a great thing to put in an unfinished basement for kids to decorate and play with.

And the day ended, as many did on that trip, with a picnic on the bed watching The Crown. :)

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