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Norway in a Nutshell Day 2, Bergen to Flåm

July 27, 2018


On day 2 of our Norway in a Nutshell tour we left Bergen and made our way back to Oslo by train, bus, and boat. It was an incredible day. I know these kinds of tours can be offputting to many as they’re, well, “touristy”, but we were so glad we did this. It was incredible to see the changing landscape across Norway.

You can see the route we took here. We took a train from Bergen to Voss and then a bus from Voss to Gugvangen where we caught the fjord cruise (fancy). The bus trip was amazing. We drove down the oldest (one of the oldest?) and steepest still operational roads in Norway which was built in the mid-1800s. It was super windy and going down it in a coach bus felt like death wish BUT in a thrilling, must-be-safe-because-this-tour-has-great-ratings-and-wasn’t-cheap kinda way.

It was overcast during our fjord cruise between Gugvangen and Flåm so we didn’t have the best visibility, but it was still beautiful seeing the houses nestled into the mountains.

Next up, the Flåm Railway to Myrdal!

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