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Tomorrow Won’t Be Better

December 18, 2017

Alright, this is it. Two more weeks of 2017.

Two more weeks until the promise of new.

Except, of course, that every day brings the promise of new. Not just every day, but every moment.

Believing this simple (and yes, cheesy) platitude has totally changed the game for me. When I was going through the worst of my depression it was easy to soothe myself with the promise of a new day. A new month. A new year.

It’ll be different, I’ll be different.

The day I realized a bad morning doesn’t mean a bad afternoon, things changed. Not overnight, but bit by bit, little by little, there was a profound shift.

“Tomorrow will be better” is a seductive way to soothe ourselves and others, but we need to rethink how helpful it is. It’s a little passive, isn’t it? By saying that we’re not only deferring but excusing ourselves from responsibility. We’re telling ourselves this is outside our control. Not very empowering, huh?

We’re also setting ourselves up to only notice things that confirm how bad our day has been. Even just the belief that the day can turn around opens you up to finding evidence that it has.

Sometimes that’s half the battle. That shifting of your awareness so you can notice the good bits. And gain a sense of control in the process.

Here’s to noticing the good bits.

Taken in Moose River, Nova Scotia during my solo road trip there last year. This was a bit of a low day but I remember passing this gas station and feeling a rush of joy. The nostalgia, the emptiness of it. A total good bit in my books. 


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