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Permission and Perspective, That’s What December Needs

December 14, 2017

Isn’t it funny how as soon as you acknowledge what’s going on, even if what’s going on isn’t great, you start to feel better?

After taking inventory of everything that could explain my recent uptick in anxiety yesterday, I felt a bit better. I think seeing it all on paper like that gave me permission to feel it. Gave me permission to say, “Ya, it’s OK that things are feeling off lately. It’s just one of those seasons.”

And that’s OK.

It also helps put things in perspective. These are some really great problems to have. All of these problems represent growth and change… the good kind. I have lots to look forward to, lots to be thankful for.

These are problems of the privileged.

So it’s this dance of… giving yourself permission to have off days, but also maintaining the perspective that things are really freaking good right now. And to be thankful for that.

And to be thankful for the support that finds us when we need it. To be thankful for the people that believe in us, the people that see the strength in us we are quick to dismiss.

Permission and perspective. In a holiday season riddled with expectations, maybe that’s what we need.

At least, that’s what I need.

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