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How to (Be my Best) Human

December 11, 2017

A big part of my experimentation with planning and scheduling these last few months has been figuring out the core things I need to do to feel human.

Not just human, my best human.

These are the things I need to do on a daily or weekly basis to feel motivated, focused, effective, generally-level-headed-and-not-a-self-depreciating-ball-of-anxiety… You know, all that good stuff.

This is different for everyone, but for me, here’s what it looks like:

Keto 5 days per week — eat a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. No processed foods. Stay off the sugar train.

Move 4x — CrossFit four days a week. Because olympic lifting is my jam.

Read 5x — I read most mornings after I wake up for an hour or so.

Write 5x — I like to write after I read before I get into work for the day.

Make 3-4x — Make something with my hands (knit, draw, etc.) or take photos.

Connect 2x — Seeing friends/family in person and having proper, one-on-one conversations.

Venture 2-4x a month — Having a day or afternoon where I’m out wandering aimlessly, usually in a new area (city or nature) exploring and taking photos.

It’s when I stop doing these things that I tend to notice myself slide. My mood drops, physically I don’t feel good, my productivity takes a nosedive, and anxiety gets the better of me.

And when I do feel off this serves as a nice little list I can check myself against. Before I jump to, “It’s happening! I’m getting depressed again!” I ask myself if I’ve been doing these things. No? OK, then let’s start there before assuming the worst.

It’s helped give me a sense of control after feeling at the mercy of my body/mood for so many years.

I’ll keep experimenting with it (I’m trying to add in meditation right now) but so far, so good.

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