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I Want to Fit in a Box

December 6, 2017

I want to fit in a box.

I want to be easy to understand. Easy to explain. I have all these different interests and an overwhelming desire to reconcile them.

I want my elevator pitch.

I have this idea that if I fit in a box—if I knew which Kate I was—it would be so much easier to make decisions because I’d have a built-in screening process.

Would Kate do this? Yes or no.

I’d have built-in principles. Direction.

But I mean, can’t I have that now? Why do I feel like I have to file my edges to have direction? Why am I looking for easy? Why would anyone want to be easy? And how could this possibly be easy?


Another breeding ground for Resistance. More woes of the entitled.

Taken in Regent Park last spring.

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