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It’s All On You

November 7, 2017

You know what traveling alone is?

Traveling alone is a crash course in expectations. It’s an exercise in ownership. A lesson in choice.

And it’s a really, really good way to find out how much you like yourself.

You and you alone are responsible for your time, your outlook, and your experience. You’re not responsible if it pours rain one day or if you’re locked out of your Airbnb (which I have no experience with…), but you’re entirely responsible for how you react to that.

This is always true, of course, it’s simply particularly obvious when you’re traveling alone. And if you’re not used to that kind of ownership in your daily life solo travel is… a wakeup call. A wonderful(ly harsh) one.

You’ve got no one to blame. Not your partner, your boss, your friends…

It’s all on you.

Which is great news, because that’s secret to this whole being a human thing. It’s always all on you.

It’s easy to forget that in our day to day lives because we’ve created so many ways to hide. Being in an unfamiliar place by yourself strips that all away. You’re knocked out of your routine and left face to face with… well, yourself.

It’s difficult to hide.

Making it the perfect opportunity to make some changes if you don’t like the person you’re faced with.

Oh look! It’s me. In the Garment District of NYC aka heaven. 


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