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19 Ways to Hide (and Counting)

October 24, 2017

19 Ways To Hide (and counting). Generously brought to you by… Resistance

  1. Take a nap.
  2. Sign up for a workshop.
  3. Join a group.
  4. Go back to school. Twice.
  5. Get the right job.
  6. Get the wrong job.
  7. Move to another country.
  8. Convince yourself you’re too sick.
  9. Get the diagnosis to prove it.
  10. Get in the right relationship.
  11. Get in the wrong relationship.
  12. Read every book you can on overcoming fear.
  13. Google success stories.
  14. Go to therapy. Again.
  15. Tell yourself you don’t have enough money.
  16. Tell yourself you don’t have enough time.
  17. Tell yourself it’s not the right time.
  18. Tell yourself you’re not good enough.
  19. Tell yourself tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better.


It’s not that all of this stuff is inherently bad (therapy is one of the best things I’ve ever done) it’s that they were used as excuses.

A way to let myself off the hook. A way to hide.

Here’s the thing… Healing is important. Learning is important. All of those courses and that self development work and right relationships and wrong relationships… it’s important. It’s how we become our own person. But it’s totally separate from doing our work.

The idea that you have to be “healed” before you can do your work? That once you’re over the fear, you’ll be ready?


We have to stop waiting. For a sign, for permission, for support…

We have to start. Now.

Today’s angsty brain dump meets motivational platitude is inspired by a little something I read in Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, “Healing has nothing to do with our work.” 

YA. Think on it.

Photo is a note-to-self-and-you sketch of mine.


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