Brooklyn Tweed’s Spruce Forest Lace Shawl

October 28, 2014


Well well, it’s been a week or 8 hasn’t it? I’d love to say I’ve been wildly productive in my blogging absence but no, just your general ‘life happens’ stuff.

I did however finally finish this Brooklyn Tweed Spruce Forest Estonian lace shawl that I started at the beginning of the summer. I actually completed a knit project in time for the season I intended to wear it in. Big accomplishment right? I’m still waiting on a sticker for that one. I apologize the pictures aren’t great, it proved really hard to capture the depth and colour of this yarn. It probably doesn’t help that the ‘menu/ok’ button on my camera stopped working, so I’m stuck with auto mode. Here’s hoping I finally upgrade to DSLR soon!



I got this beautiful super wash merino Madelintosh yarn at the Toronto Knitters Frolic two years ago. Again I wish it showed in the pictures, but it’s a lovely rich variation of reds and pinks since it’s hand dyed. Two skeins was just (I’m talking cross your fingers and toes and pray to the God of your choosing JUST) enough to finish this project.


Looking at this ghetto set up, it probably goes without saying that this was the first time I blocked a knit. I hand washed it using Soak Wash, but I now know I should have read the yarn label and machine washed it (sigh). As you can hopefully make out in the picture below, I had significant colour transfer on my jacket and back of my neck after wearing it a few times. I’ve since soaked it multiple times until all the water ran clear, but I’m guessing if I had machine washed it at the start I wouldn’t have had this problem. Live and learn, learn and live.



This was my first time knitting from a chart or knitting lace, and I have to say this was a good entry project. The pattern was really clear and I was able to easily google any terms I didn’t understand. I’m definitely game to try something more complex next time, and I’m debating starting one of their beautiful cabled sweaters (like this one) which should be ready just in time for Winter 2017 ;).

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  • It’s very beautiful. I’m almost finished the Cape cod sweater (not a BT pattern) which has some lace panels that create a sort of faux cable effect. It’s taken me 3 months but I’m almost done and it’s very easy! It’s a similar red to yours, hope it’s as beautiful.

    • katesmalley

      If you’re talking about this Cape Cod pattern I just searched on ravelry ( then oh my goodness so beautiful! I’d love to try something like this, that’s the perfect mix of intricate but not overwhelming (if that makes sense?). I can’t imagine how much work you’ve put into it, I’m sure it will be lovely. I hope you post pictures when you finish!! xx

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