Handmade Nursery Rhymes Quilt

June 12, 2014

QuiltFI think this is just darling… nursery rhyme characters embroidered on cut up muslin flour sacks.

My Mum’s grandmother Hannah and her sisters would have done this on the farm in the 1920s or 1930s. What a great way to repurpose the muslin bags their flour and sugar would have come in (which they also sewed bed sheets from). It’s obviously not a finished quilt and the edges are raw, but I thought it was too sweet not to have out for a while. Perhaps one day I’ll finish it, or it could be made into a twin sized duvet cover.


QSQ13   QSQ12

QSQ16   QSQ15

QSQ1   QSQ14

QSQ11   QSQ3




For now it’s found a home on the back of my couch, a cheery addition to my living space.

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  • Sarah Horner

    These are exactly the patterns I was looking for! My mom just bought me an old sewing machine from her friend, and her friend found seven quilt patterns in the bench that her mother had cut from the newspaper in 1975 (two of the clippings have dates). The Mother Goose, Margery Daw, Banbury Cross, Rock-a-bye-Baby, Barber Shave a Pig, Humpty Dumpty and Wee Willie Winkie are identical. I was hoping to find if not the the whole set, at least five more (I think there were 28). You have given me hope that I can, even if they are considerably older than I had thought.

  • Sarah T

    What a treasure indeed! You could finish it (or not) but use it as a wall hanging….

    • katesmalley

      Good idea!

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