A War Bride, My Nana’s Engagement Ring

April 18, 2014


My Grandad proposed to my Nana during the War with a ring in this delicate little pouch. They met over a Christmas in 1941, and were married shortly after on May 15, 1942. My Grandad was a RAF flight instructor and sometime after they married he had to return to service, leaving them separated for a year and a half until the war ended. They wrote love letters back and forth, which my Grandad saved and kept in a box under the crawl space. After she died he would take out the box and read one letter each evening until he had read them all. Years later before he passed he reread them all, then destroyed the letters one by one, leaving their love story largely a mystery.





The ring shown is my Nana’s wedding band, not the engagement ring that would have originally been in the pouch (my Aunt has that ring). I think this ring is exquisite though, and I’ve been wearing it constantly since my Mum passed it on to me. A little piece of a love story and a women I wish I knew more about.


It’s Genetic is a series exploring my roots. I’m often overwhelmed and inspired by the talent that came before me and the creative family I’m surrounded by today. These are some projects and belongings that feel too good not to share. 

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