How I Learned To Weave (With Grass!)

October 16, 2013


In honour of Throwback Thursdays (I really need a better title for this series) here’s a little something I discovered carefully pressed between an old sketch pad, woven by a 6-year-old Kate.

In the summer my Mum and I would stay up north by the lake and I loved being outside. In fact, I actually refused to sleep in the cottage and had a tent pitched on the lawn much to the neighbours bewilderment. I started to collect leaves and flowers and press them, and then at some point I started to pick these long grasses from the side of the lake and weave them together. I’m not sure what this kind of grass it is (Google failed me) but it’s thick so it doesn’t tear easily and has little ridges that help it stick together when woven.

Although I can’t say my weaving has become terribly more advanced since my Kindergarten days (I incorporated cardboard looms in Grade 2), it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and am planning to do more of in the future. In fact, I’m working on one little dandy right now which you can see on Kollabora.


To give you an idea of what my other hobbies were at the time, check out the ode to my Blaster Caster fishing rod placed delicately beside my weaving. No, I never caught anything. Yes, fishing is actually two separate words.




Here Comes The Sun By Nina Simone headphones

  • this is the ultimate throwback thursday haha. i really love that fishing image though, its too cute

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