In Store Inspiration #1

September 2, 2013

As long as I’ve had a cell phone with a camera I’ve been taking snapshots of things I find intriguing as I’m perusing stores. “Ooo, that’s a great idea to attach the straps like that” or “I wonder if I could sew leather and wool together like that at home” or “I’d love this but in black with a different hem.” Before I had a cell phone I’d carry around a notepad and sketch things out, sometimes it was an article of clothing, sometimes an interesting chair or shelving unit.

You see I love shopping, not so much actually buying things, it’s the wandering in and out of stores that I find very calming. In fact, to me shopping with a list takes all the fun out of it, I just like to see what’s out there and take pictures of what inspires me. You might be thinking, this girl could really benefit from Pinterest. I have a Pinterest, I love it, but nothing compares to actually feeling things. It’s probably why I rarely shop online, I need to feel the fabric, I have to sit in the chair, I want to see the seams of a garment.

So, instead of just having these snaps collect on my hard drive I thought I’d start sharing them at the end of the month in case they spark a good idea for anyone else. I didn’t actually do much shopping at all this month on account of being quite sick, but here’s a few things I saw and liked.


(Clockwise from top left)
1. Metal rings on a thick rope/cord
2. A sleek looking lapel
3. Architectural laser cut-outs – I’d like to try laser cut-outs on a pleather skirt/shorts
4. Hardware chokers


5. Knit panels – I’d love to sew a part knit, part fabric top
6. Candles in beakers or unexpected glassware (But not mason jars, thats too much for me)
7. Acrylic organizers – I’d like to try working with lucite at home
8. Bottoms with leather panels – this looks like an easy pattern to draft yourself

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